what is co?

Co is an online publication that is the wild child of sustainability. Here to create better for the planet but not letting that become a limitation but the reason for creation. Co is a platform for makers and doers that want to show the world all that is out there. Together sparking the conversation of sustainability and bringing something new.

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how to read co?

Co is an online based publication. With a base site that hosts articles and content it has a presence on all social media.  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter being the main few.  

CO is a content driven publication. With an in house team working on projects it provides news and inspiration daily. Throughout this project all the ins and out of business have been thought out to a tee. 


The goals of creating CO was to develop a better understand of the current state of sustainability as well as importance of media. Through this assignment I worked to create a cohesive online platform and channels as well as content that was a new and exciting look for sustainability.  The main goals were to create a strong multichannel publication, identify future of sustainability, and demonstrate art direction skill set. 

the goal

Mock Site that displays the type of content and imagery that CO would work to produce

who is co for?

Co targets millenials and the generations to follow that have an interest in new ideas and ways of thought for fashion and the world.  Our readers are open minded and creative individuals. They gather from all sources but are loyal to companies based on the mission. They prefer to experience versus observe.  They want to make an impact and create change.

*images sourced to display ideas & mood of mock magazine